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    Anti-Aging (Quality of Life) Medicine
    Autoimmune Disorders/Diseases

    Bio-identical Hormones Replacement Therapy (BHRT)
    Diabetes Management
    Hair Growth

    Healthy Gut

​    Infertility & PCOS Management

    Pellet Insertion Therapy

    Peptide Therapy

    Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements
    Fitness/Weight Management

    Our vision is to help every one of our patients live a more youthful, energetic, healthier, happier, and productive life.

    We practice scientific evidence based holistic preventative and regenerative medicine based on each individual                 patients needs.  We believe that every patient is unique and thus requires a customized individual health plan that

    will produce the absolute best possible outcomes.

    We believe in treating with natural medicine first whether it is food, supplements, and/or hormones. We believe in             scientific evidence based protocols that aid in the bodies healing processes from the inside out. We do believe that all       synthetic medicines should be used as minimally as possible. We believe in providing superior quality personalized           medical care. 

    We will educate you and treat you with compassion and respect. We will partner with you to create a health plan that

    will optimize your health and achieve a more youthful, vibrant, productive lifestyle, and improve your quality of life              while increasing your longevity. 

    A healthy life has a price and is worth fighting for!

    We are committed to being your partner but we need your commitment too! 
    Working together we can Make It Happen! 

    *NEW medical office location - Valencia CA

    ​*Now Serving Greater Corona CA Area!

    *Concierge service also available per your request.


    Meet the Business Owner   
    Mattiana Ng, NP, CNM, BSN
    Business Owner

    Established in 2012

    Professional medical provider who specializes in preventative and regenerative medicine with anti-aging

    (quality of life) protocols, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, infertility & PCOS management,

    fitness & weight management programs.Trained and licensed as a Registered Nurse Practitioner she has

    38+ years experience at local area hospitals and in her own private practice. Matty is also an educator having

    served on the facility staff for USC & UCLA Medical Schools, & UC Irvine and Cal State Fullerton Nursing Programs

    and as a Diabetic Educator.        

​    For assistance in scheduling an appointment, please call: 1-661-618-4277

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